Statement of Digital Pedagogy

It’s no surprise that by 2023, the digital world has seeped its way into almost everything, the classroom included. Long gone are the days of just a teacher, a chalkboard, and students writing notes with paper and pencil. Now, we are faced with the ever-lasting internal struggle: is the tech really going to help my students’ learning, or am I using it for the sake of using it?

Digital is an adjective meaning “of, relating to, or utilizing devices constructed or working by the methods or principles of electronics,” and pedagogy is a noun meaning “the art, science, or profession of teaching.” Puting the two definitons together, to me, digital pedagogy is the art of teaching while utilizing electronic methods, principles, and devices. If utilized appropriately, electronic technology in the classroom can be highly beneficial to not just the students, but to the educators as well.

Within my classroom, I love getting to include new tech tools for my students. I enjoy watching their minds work as they are trying to figure out what step to take next and how excited they become when they figure it out. However, this past school year, I caught myself being stuck in the rut of using technology just for the sake of doing so. I would catch myself assigning an independent online assignment just so I would have extra time to get some grading done. However, I quickly realized that I was simply using tech for the sake of using tech. I had completely forgotten the purpose.

I personally believe that using digital tools in the classroom is wonderful. However, I also believe that their use should be purposeful and intentional. Digital tools should augment student learning, not replace it. For example, students could complete a jigsaw assignment. In a small group, each student is responsible for researching one topic, and then sharing their information on that topic with the rest of the group. Students are working with digital tools to research their topic, but are also learning and working with each other.