ENGL 756 Lesson Plan Sequence

Objective of Lesson Plan Sequence:

The goal of this assignment is to find a way to incorporate different technology tools while having students meet PA state standards. This assignment/project specifically has students working with audio recording and editing software to develop a “podcast” style recording. Assignments of this style encourage students to use their creativity and collaboration skills to also develop and practice their writing and presentation skills. A podcasting assignment is multimodal, allowing students to also practice speaking and listening skills in conjunction with reading and writing. Basic podcasting tools and software are relatively easy to use and are a great way to introduce new technology into the classroom.

General Assignment Details:

This assignment can be used in multiple different ways, for multiple different texts, and for multiple different grade levels. For example, you may have a group of 10th grade students create a podcast that is a conversation between Daisy and Gatsby from The Great Gatsby. Or, you may have 7th grade students create a podcast that is the afterthoughts of Ponyboy in The Outsiders.

Students should work together (in groups of 2-3) to write a script (think of this as an outline), record audio, and edit audio together to develop a complete project. The specific requirements (time length, number of voices, content required, etc.) will vary depending on the teacher, the course, the grade level, and the text selected.

Projected Timeline:

This assignment is projected to be on a 5 day, in-class worktime schedule. This is designed to have ALL work completed in class because it is a group project. Depending on class size and/or techical issues, the timeline may easily be adjusted to add more days or take days away. However, whatever timeline is used, be explicit and clear with students about the assignment deadline.

Day 1

  • At the beginning of class, take time to review assignment sheet and expectations. Answer any questions that students may have. If possible, have an example recording for students to listen to, so they have an idea of what is expected of them. (It may be helpful to have pre-recorded videos demoing the software so students are able to refer back to them when needed.)
  • Then, have students open their Chromebook and add Chrome extentions of software needed (this may include having them create accounts). Troubleshoot any questions or issues that arise at this step.
  • End class with creating/assigning groups and allowing students to begin brainstorming ideas and starting their script/outline.

Day 2

  • Have students begin to write their script/outline if they did not start yesterday. Some groups may be ready to record this day.

Day 3

  • All groups should be recording at this point. Assist groups that seem to be behind of the script/outline drafting process to get them up to speed with the other groups.
  • Some groups may be able to move on to the editing stage at this point. If needed, take a few minutes to demo the editing software.

Day 4

  • If groups were still recording on day 3, they should be completely done with recording today.
  • All groups should be editing their content by the end of the class period today.

Day 5

  • This is the final workday for the project. Students should wrap up their editing and turn in assignments today.
  • Troubleshooting of different issues may arise. Take a moment to effectively work through each one (multiple students may have the same issues).

Materials/Software Needed: